The best value in full-featured virtual data rooms

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Maximum Security

We support all major file formats, which are converted and securely streamed to allow you to control access, set permissions and protect information. Mitigate and avoid document leaks with watermarks.

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Audit Analysis

Track data room activity through audit event pages, email notifications and helpful alerts. We make it easy for you to conduct transactions through separate datasites.

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File Management

We provide a full storage solution for your documents, which allows for easy uploads, sharing, distribution and archiving. Work with your team in a secure documentation workspace.

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Unlimited Use

Our pricing plans are affordable, with fixed rates applied to unlimited users, usage and storage. You'll save a substantial amount on setup costs and management fees with our pricing models.

$29 / month

One Datasite

Perfect for one-time deals and lower utilization needs.

  • Cross-browser
  • Fast and flexible
  • Unlimited users, documents
  • One month free!
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$79 / month


Unlimited users, documents, and datasites.

  • Complete dealflow solution
  • Intelligent index
  • Company Branding
  • Bulk upload and download
  • One month free!
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$299 / month

White label

Customized datasite portal, embeddable data rooms.

  • Hierarchical control
  • Enterprise customization
  • Dedicated account support
  • One month free!
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What Our Customers Say

"Our Mergers & Acquisitions professionals as well as our sellers and buyers like how easy Lightserve is to use. Lightserve's advanced permissions provide granular access control at the user and file levels for viewing and downloading files. The detail audit trial feature allows us to effectively monitor, track and manage interest levels of prospective buyers."
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Garit D. Lawson
Senior Vice President
Mergers & Acquisitions
Coldwell Banker Commercial
"Lightserve VDRs are an important tool for our private equity portfolio companies, strategic partners and advisors. They provide easy-to-use, secure online access to confidential information. Custom branded sign in pages and data rooms give a practical, polished look. It's good value at a fair price."
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Jeremy A. Samuel
Managing Director
Anacacia Capital
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