At Lightserve, we look upon maximum security as our top priority. We realize how important it is to ensure that your confidential information remain private, safe and secure. You can be assured that our infrastructure and data centers are highly reliable and well protected. We achieve this through various measures such as redundant environments, multi-factor authentication, powerful encryption functionality and access control, so you can always expect your valuable data to be highly secure.

1. 256-Bit Data Encryption

We use bank-level data encryption and security certificates to prevent unauthorized entities from reading your information. In particular, the standard we use, called the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-Bit Encryption, is what the U.S. government and financial institutions apply and enforce upon highly classified documentation.

2. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) And Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption

Whether in storage or in transit, your data remains protected. When you transmit your files, connections are established utilizing protocols such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and additional transmission encryption algorithms such as TLS encryption.

3. 24/7 Availability and System Monitoring

We monitor our systems around the clock (24/7) and any potential problems encountered are immediately reported to our technical personnel, allowing us to resolve system issues in an expedited fashion. We focus on the reliability, redundancy and availability of our systems to ensure customer satisfaction.

4. Firewalls and Secure Servers

As part of our commitment to security, our servers are protected behind firewalls and we keep our servers current and updated with the latest security patches.

5. Authorization Roles and User Access Levels

Without your express permission, no one will have the ability to access or peruse your data. Establish roles and configure permissions at various levels in order to control the use of your projects, documents and files. Only share your critical files with designated authorized parties.

6. Password Protection

It goes without saying that your username and password are protected. Passwords are encrypted and hashed in our systems.

7. Audit Trails and Logs

With Lightserve, all user activity is logged and monitored, and may be reviewed and audited. For total transparency and visibility, we provide you with tools to track user activity within your workspace. Recorded work sessions will allow you to view how your data is being accessed and utilized. Find out which materials are downloaded and viewed, and which are garnering the most attention in your VDR.

8. Custom Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Before permitting access to your data room, enforce confidentiality and seek compliance from team members by having them review and accept not only your disclaimer and terms of conditions, but also your non-disclosure agreements.

9. Automatic Time Outs

We protect your workspace by automatically logging out inactive users. Your login session will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

10. Watermarking

To prevent unauthorized sharing or distribution, Lightserve supports the creation of watermarks on all pages of your files, regardless of document format, when viewed in the Lightserve online viewer. We provide comprehensive document protection for your Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files.