Lightserve was founded to initially address the issues of secure documentation storage in the private equity and high finance sectors. Established in 2008, it has grown to serve many other industries that seek measures and strategies for handling sensitive large volume data, many of which are required for corporate confidentiality, regulatory compliance and financial governance. Our clients want an environment that will help facilitate their business processes and make it easy for them to close deals. We have looked at the existing problems and issues presented by generic file sharing systems as well as listened to feedback obtained from earlier clients to come up with solutions and tools for the business community.

Today, many firms use Lightserve's systems to store, exchange and distribute information with ease, security and confidence. Our virtual data rooms and repositories are the ideal environment for various professional applications and information-intensive needs, including but not limited to mergers & acquisitions, asset sales, investment deals, real estate negotiations, secure legal transactions, compliance and protected customer networks. Lightserve's services have a world wide reach, with our satisfied customers operating businesses in diverse industries that span the globe.

Traditional methods for managing and transmitting important business documents involve faxing, printing, snail mail and email messaging, photocopying, overnight packaging, courier services and travel, all of which can lead to a higher risk of information leaks and data loss or compromise. Our state-of-the-art technology not only solves these problems, but also saves you time and money, and limits all other costs associated with traditional information distribution.

Lightserve offers an easy to use online file hosting and management platform that is flexible for use by many industries. We focus on reliability and cost effectiveness, and aim to provide the best customer service for our customers. We'd like to be known as the virtual data room company that provides customizable secure datasite solutions for the best possible price.