Our virtual data rooms provide rich and flexible features to allow your firm to safely manage its confidential transactions. Lightserve has managed secure documents for corporate users and professionals since 2008. Here's why we're preferred by hundreds of financial institutions, banks, law firms, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Powerful Security

Your office documents are converted to a secure streaming format, so you can control access and perform file exchanges while avoiding document leaks.

  • Password-protect access to your datasites
  • Configure document and folder permissions
  • Granular access control at various user and account levels
  • Transmit, receive and store files using bank level 256-Bit SSL Encryption

Audit Analytics

Monitor activity in your datasite and see how much time people spend reading your documents, to assess interest. We keep you abreast of ongoing workspace activity through notifications, alerts and helpful tools.

  • View and utilize detailed audit trails
  • Receive notifications via email for new, updated and uploaded documents

Unlimited Users

Invite any number of users to your datasites and create any number of sub accounts needed. We make it easy and free to conduct transactions in separate datasites.

  • Collaborate with unlimited users
  • Create multiple, unlimited sub accounts as desired
  • Coordinate projects with multiple workspaces
  • Flexible data storage options

Simple User Interface

Manage your virtual data room through a simple, easy to use interface. We make it straightforward for you to work with your team to close deals.

  • Launch or close your datasite on demand
  • Access your data room through mobile devices
  • No software to download or install
  • Transact through all common platforms, including Windows, Mac, and tablets

Document Management

We provide an environment for secure document sharing and easy file management and distribution, as well as archiving.

  • Index, share and distribute your business documents
  • Drag and drop documents and folders
  • Bulk file uploads and high speed file transfers
  • Optional client uploading privileges
  • Migrate large volumes of data with ease and confidence
  • Archive or store your deal in a USB Flash Drive
  • Supports major document formats

Document Protection

Documents viewed in the Lightserve document viewer are protected through watermarking that identifies the user viewing the document. Screen captures or even physical photographs of the document viewer can be traced back to the original viewer thereby discouraging screen scraping, unauthorized copying and printing of data. Downloaded PDF files are watermarked as well.

Fully Customizable List Ordering

Organize your document index with the ability to manually sort the order that files and folders appear in. Lightserve supports list numbering in decimal digits, roman numerals, letters, outline style (1.2.1), and others on a per-folder basis.

Branding With Customized Data Rooms

Brand your own datasite and go a step further with enterprise customization. Lightserve also offers your own virtual data room using your own domain or subdomain for premium customers.

Cost Predictability & Price Certainty

We charge a flat rate independent of your users, datasites or documents. Use a full-featured Lightserve datasite for all of your secure transactions and save thousands of dollars on setup charges and support fees that belong in the last century. Our company is committed to providing you the best value in the industry.

Priority Support

Our deal room support representatives are around to assist you with any questions or concerns. We'll step you through the set up process and get you up and running quickly. We're here to help! Contact us at +1 (866) 660-0094 , through email or through our handy form